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Perhaps the court actions in Europe in the Yukos case will contribute to the international effort to turn Russia back to a path of international cooperation and constructive behaviour.


Eliot L. Engel, Democrat Congressman for for New York in the House of Representatives on Thursday 18 September 2014; Read more here.

The Yukos Affair: Yukos Ten Years On

Ten years ago the unprecedented attacks on Russia's largest oil company, Yukos began. The Yukos Library publishes view and opionion expressed about the Yukos affair over the past decade.

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Yukos went from a struggling and unprofitable state-owned company in 1995 to an internationally respected success story only five years later.

However, Yukos' success and independence attracted the attention of the Russian authorities, who decided to reassert control over the now-strategic asset. This was achieved not through nationalisation, but by simple expropriation.

It is widely acknowledged that the expropriation campaign carried out by the Russian authorities involved bogus tax reassessments, a rigged auction of shares, and sham bankruptcy proceedings.

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